torsdag 5. september 2013

OpsMgr 2012 R2: OpenPegasus and cross-platform agents

In the R2 release of Operations Manager 2012 the management platform for the cross-platform agents to monitor Linux and UNIX systems will change. The current cross-platform agents use the OpenPegasus standard, an open-source implementation of DMTF CIM and WBEM.

As the Cloud-OS is making its entry Microsoft needed System Center to manage different kind of devices and abstractions, both in the cloud and physical. To overcome this Microsoft decided to use Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) to replace OpenPegasus (read more).

This also brings better performance and smaller footprint, which is important for mobile devices.

While upgrading to SCOM 2012 R2 is seamless, Management Packs that use custom OpenPegasus providers will be a problem unless they are rebuilt to be based on the new OMI framework. If you use such management packs today, contact your vendor to make sure they are ready for the new Operations Manager release, otherwise upgrading to SC 2012 R2 will render that monitoring unusable.

One such vendor is NiCE and I have already spoken to them. They have, in preparation for System Center 2012 R2, buildt OMI extension using providers:
“We are happy Microsoft decided to take OMI forward and release it in such a short time – OMI allows us to develop providers leaner and faster. We have already built OMI extensions using providers to support all our cross-platform Management Packs. As OMI is an IT standard recognized in the industry, all our customers and partners will benefit from this”.
Christian Heitkamp, NiCE Product Director
For more details, look at this press release.

Other vendors are:
OpsLogix (will also work with System Center 2012 R2)
Bridgeways (I do not know if this will work)
Quest / Dell (I do not know if this will work)
Oracle (I do not know if this will work)

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