mandag 20. mai 2013

OpsMgr: Show reports with hidden details

In Operations Manager we can schedule reports. But what if some sections of the report are hidden:

By clicking the plus sign we can expand the hidden details like this:

The problem starts when you want to schedule the report and, say, send it as a PDF file by e-mail. Obviously, we can not toggle the hidden part in a PDF file. So, can we make the hidden part visible by default? Yes we can... Here is how:

In a Browser, open the Reports folder (e.g. http://localhost/Reports), you should see something like this:

Switch to Details View and locate the report you would like to edit. The ODR - Instance Space report is in the ODR folder, and its name is Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.Report.Instance.Space.

Point at the name and then click the arrow to the right of the name and select Download:

After the file has been downloaded, open it in a text editor like Notepad. We want to find the Visibility sections and in particular, those with a ToggleItem section. Search for ToggleItem. In this particular report we will find this in two places:

Look at the value of Hidden. For textbox10, it is =Parameters!Interactive.Value. And for reportDescriptionTitle, it is true. We can change this to false if we would like it to be expanded by default. In this report I change the value of the first Hidden, =Parameters!Interactive.Value, to false (and I leave the other unchanged). Save the file with a new name, like ODR Instance Space.rdl (to avoid confusion with the original report).

Create a folder in the root (e.g. Modified Reports), then open the folder and select Upload File, Browse to the .rdl file and select OK:

PS! You should use a folder in the root. Many reports use relative paths to images (e.g. ../gradient_portrait.gif). If the report is not in a folder at the root, it will not find the image.

After the upload we need to verify the datasource, so we click the arrow to the right of the report name and select Manage.

Then we go to Data Sources and use Browse next to Select a shared data source. (PS! you can look at the original report to find the datasource name it uses). The Instance Space report use the Data Warehouse database, so choose the Data Warehouse Main data source in the root of Reporting Services, then press OK and Apply.

The report will now be available in Operations Manager Console under Authored Reports. When you Open and Run it you will notice that the details are expanded.

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