torsdag 29. november 2012

OpsMgr: Monitor Orchestrator Runbooks

Would you like to have Operations Manager monitor your Orchestrator Runbooks?

Then Infront Consulting Group comes to the rescue. They have developed a free Management Pack for this purpose, but you have to register.

When you have made the request they will send you an e-mail with the installer and a guide in addition to the Management Pack targeted to the Management Group you specified in the request form. Therefore you have to make a request for each Management Group you would like to use it with.

The provided Guide I received did not clarify the installation process. When using the installer you only specify installation folder. So clearly it do not install the Management Pack. Instead it installs a program that can decrypt and import the Management Pack into your OpsMgr enviroment. So, what you have to do is to open the installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\System Center Management Packs\Infront Consulting Group Orchestrator Management Pack), and start the InfrontEncryptedLoader.exe program. Then you specify Server Name, OpsMgr version and browse to find the encrypted Management Pack that you received with the installer. When you press Import the program does the rest.

After this you open up OpsMgr Console and create a Run As Account. The account must have administrator privileges to the Orchestrator management server. Then you link this Account to the Run As Profile "SC Orchestrator Web Service Access".

The last step is to enable discovery of the Runbooks. You do this by selecting Authoring > Management Pack Objects > Object Discoveries > Scope > SC Orchestrator Web Service Server > Right Click SC Orchestrator Web Service Server Discovery > Overrides > Override the Object Discovery > For a specific object of class: Windows Server Operating System > Select Your Orchestrator Web Service server > Set Enabled to True.

Now Operations Manager will start to monitor your Runbooks.

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