mandag 10. september 2012

Install OS to a Virtual Disk

In this example I have Windows 8 Enterprise installed. I will install Windows Server 2012 as a secondary OS. But I will use a virtual disk. This is how I did it:

PS! You must have Enterprise or Ultimate edition of Windows 7 or 8 for this to work (license issue).
  1. First I boot up with a Windows Server 2012 installation media.
  2. At Language prompt I press SHIFT+F10.
  3. Then I type: DISKPART
  4. To find my disks I type: LIST VOL
  5. I find that my C: drive (when in Windows 8) is listed as D: drive.
  6. To create a new virtual disk on D: with initial small size and max size 40GB I type:
    CREATE VDISK FILE=D:\Win2k8R2.vhd MAXIMUM=40000 TYPE=expandable
  7. I then select this disk and create a primary partition by typing:
    SELECT VDISK FILE=D:\Win2k8R2.vhd
  8. Now I verify my work by typing: LIST VOL
  9. Then I type EXIT two times and continue installing Windows Server 2012. I choose the new disk as installation target.

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