mandag 20. mai 2013

DPM: Set location of WindowsImageBackup

DPM use Windows Server Backup (WSB) when you select to backup System State. WSB will create a folder called WindowsImageBackup on the root of the drive with the most free space (determined at the time of DPM agent installation). During backup all data will be in this folder and upon completion it will be transferred to the DPM server storage pool. To change the location of this folder:
  1. Open the file PSDataSourceConfig.xml (default location C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\Datasources) on the computer you are backing up.
  2. Find the section for <FilesToProtect> (or search for WindowsImageBackup) and change drive letter to the drive you want WSB to use.
  3. Save the file, and do a Consistency Check against the System State data source.

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