torsdag 11. oktober 2012

OpsMgr: Limit Views for a group of users

In OpsMgr 2012 go to Administration > Security > Right Click User Roles > New User Role:
  1. Choose a profile, e.g. Operator
  2. Type a User role name, e.g. Exchange Server Operators
  3. Add users or user groups under User role members
  4. Limit Group Scope, e.g. check all that apply to Exchange
  5. Limit Tasks if needed.
  6. Limit Dashboards and Views. First select "Only the dashboards and views selected in each tab are approved" and then check what ever you want, e.g. Microsoft Exchange Server
If you later create a new View or Dashboard and you want this group of users to see it, you must update the user role to include it after it is created.

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